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It’d be a shame to waste such a beautiful day inside a library, but you still need to get some studying done! It’s a dilemma that every college student faces when the weather gets too beautiful to resist. Enjoy the sun and still get in some studying with these epic outdoor study spots on campus.

The Jackson Geological Science Building

Johnson Geology Building2.jpgLori Kendall / 24th Street Realty

Located near the East Mall Fountain, the Jackson Geological Science Building has a large outdoor patio shaded by beautiful trees and interspersed with unique rock gardens. From one of the many outdoor tables and chairs, students can listen to the trickle of the fountain, feel a pleasant breeze and enjoy a serene study spot located in one of the more active areas of campus. Feeling hungry? Walk across the grass to the Student Services Building for a bite of Chic-Fil-A, Zen or Taco Cabana.

The South Mall

Students-on-South-Mall-for-Visitor's-Guide-20136346_0.jpg Via

If you haven’t plopped down in the middle of South Mall to take a break, talk with a study group, or spend some one-on-one time with your books then you’re missing out on a quintessential campus Austin experience. Book-ended by the iconic Tower on one end and the equally well-loved Littlefield Fountain on the other, this infamous span of lawn has been a nap spot, study friend and between-class escape for countless Longhorns.

Welch Hall Courtyard

Welch Courtyard2.jpgLori Kendall / 24th Street Realty

One of the many hidden courtyards that dot the campus landscape, the entrance to this haven of solitude is located off Inner Campus Drive just catty-corner to the Dorothy L. Gebauer Building. Besides beautiful architecture and a quiet atmosphere, students can enjoy plenty of seating and outdoor fans that provide a much needed breeze during the warmer days on campus. Welch Hall regulars are adamant about the sanctity of this beloved spot, so come ready to study and remember to be respectful!

Behind the Anna Hiss Gym

Anna Hiss Gym2.jpgLori Kendall / 24th Street Realty

Another hidden courtyard gem, you’ll have to do a bit of exploring to find this quaint patio nestled amongst the greenery. Seating is extremely minimal so only the lucky few can enjoy it, however if a solitary study spot is what you crave then it may be worth the effort to find it. (When you get to the winding garden path saturated in the smell of flowers you’ll know you’ve reached your destination.)

The Tower Garden Memorial – “The Turtle Pond”

The Turtle Pond.jpg Via

No Longhorn study spot guide would be complete without The Tower Garden Memorial, more commonly known as “The Turtle Pond”. Located between several buildings that make up The College of Natural Sciences, students can lounge in the grass and watch the the turtles as they sunbathe and go about their daily business or simply enjoy the oasis-like atmosphere of this much-lauded spot. Don’t worry, despite being a favored locale by many on campus, there’s almost always a place to set down your book bag and spread out for an afternoon study session.

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