The Newcomers Guide to North Campus

June 5, 2017 admin

by Jacob Lundquist


Housing options around campus are primarily found in two large areas: West Campus (previously discussed here), and North Campus.

What is North Campus?

Since the North Campus area is so close to campus, the area is largely comprised of college students. Most housing is within walking distance to campus, or has available bus routes (found here).

While West Campus is the area generally occupied by undergraduate students, North Campus tends to be favored by graduate students. Similarly, because Dean Keeton houses most engineering, law, and psychology buildings, students of these disciplines will often choose the closer housing options of North Campus.

Where is North Campus?

‘North Campus’ refers to the area bordered by Dean Keeton, the 35, E 38th street, and North Lamar. It is geographically located between campus and Hyde Park, and is shown in orange in this map:

North Campus
What Housing is Available in North Campus?

North Campus is a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere than West Campus. However, because North Campus is more often populated by upper-level students, there are significantly more houses and University Apartments than in West Campus. These housing options tend to favor space, quiet, quality, and affordability over distance to campus.

24th Street’s listing is the most effective way to search for properties in North Campus, as the search terms can be narrowed by area, rent amount, and size.

There are three main options for North Campus housing:

1. Apartments near campus, including the University Apartments. Apartments are a great option due to the often on-site maintenance for quicker support when repairs are needed. Tanglewood North and the 38th Street Flats, for instance, are some of the most popular apartments in North Campus.

2. Condos, like apartments, are large shared properties that have individual units that are separately owned. Condos are valuable as investments because, rather than paying a landlord for rent, you can build value into the property. The beautiful Hyde Park Condominiums are right on the shuttle route!

3. House with mortgage. Houses have similar comparative benefits as condos, in that you build value into the property by owning it. Houses are, of course, larger and can therefore accommodate a full family. For graduate students and particularly PhD students, this is often the ideal option. However, houses do not include the built-in maintenance services of an apartment complex.

Housing in North Campus is abundant, and can be found across many price points, locations, and sizes. Give us a call to schedule an appointment to view North Campus housing today! 512-897-0009