Things to Do in Austin When You’re Bored

March 31, 2017 admin

By Jacob Lundquist

Most people come to Austin for fun, excitement, and friends. But, if you already live here, you might think that some of the normal ‘touristy’ locations are old hat. This list of things to do takes into account your specific situation:


See some live music. Austin is, of course, known as the ‘live music capital’ of the world. If you’re not up for the full arena concert experience, but you still want to see some cool gigs, Antone’s Nightclub and Mohawk Austin are some of the best venues for live music. Both places constantly show up-and-coming acts, have great sound, and are priced rather affordably.

Coffee shops. If you’re in a hurry, there are a ton of Starbucks shops around West Campus. However, if you’re looking for something more local, you can go to Caffe Medici on The Drag, or The Coffee Bean on either side of campus.

Congress Avenue. South Congress is the perfect street to drive around with friends on a Saturday afternoon. Congress is home to tons of popular and newcomer businesses, from theaters to bars to food. If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, walking up and down this ultra-busy shopping area can be super fun.


Bass Concert Hall. This is specifically on campus, but has tons of different acts—from plays and musicals (Phantom of the Opera, anyone?), singers, comedians, and bands. Their tickets are reasonably priced, and some are even discounted for students!

Museums! Museums are everywhere in downtown Austin, you just have to know what you want to see. If you’re into historical documentation, the Neill-Cochran House Museum offers a glimpse into the past. If you want to see cutting-edge modern art, the Blanton is the place to go. The Bullock offers historical information about Texas. There are nearly 20 museums right around the UT area, all within easy traveling distance.

The Drag. Most people know Guadalupe Street as “The Drag.” It’s populated with shops galore, including fashion, food, and even banks. It also houses a section that is entirely devoted to food trucks, which can make for a great pit stop on your trek around downtown.


The Hope Outdoor Gallery. This one is kind of the odd one out on this list, as The Hope Gallery is a rather popular tourist attraction. Weirdly, a lot of Austinites don’t actually visit the graffiti park, even though they live here! I personally think the graffiti park is a fun and easy way to spend a few hours, even if you don’t do any graffiti yourself!