Things to Do in the First Month of School

October 2, 2017 admin

By Jacob Lundquist

Join or create a club.

This can be super easy, since your college will have on-campus organization fairs pretty much every day. University has a listing of every sponsored club, though you could certainly join one off campus.

University of Louisville

(Image courtesy of the University of Louisville)

Go to a job & internship fair and (try to) get an off-campus job.

Put your resume out and start getting in contact with potential employers. Whether or not you actually end up with a job, the experience is worth it.

cod newsroom

(Image courtesy of COD Newsroom)

Get an on-campus job.

If you’re allotted work study aid, you can find tons of different jobs available. The Hire a Longhorn job bank is the super-accessible way to search. Every campus’ Human Resources department should be able to direct you to a work-study position.

ut hire a longhorn

(Image courtesy of UT Hire a Longhorn)

Attend a lecture or conference.

Colleges offer tons of lecture opportunities about a wide array of topics, and you’re bound to find one that can help you in the future. Going to lectures and conferences early in the year is way easier, since your homework load tends to be more manageable.


(Image courtesy of the University of Liverpool)

Be part of a research study!

Graduate students across disciplines have research studies being constantly conducted, and you might even get paid for it!


(Image courtesy of the University of Liverpool)