Top 5 Dog-Friendly Places Around Austin

February 24, 2017 admin

By Jacob Lundquist

Doghouse Drinkery Dog Park

The Doghouse Drinkery Dog Park is an incredible park with all sorts of accommodations: toys, waste stations, water, TV’s, games, beer, wine, and even dog park monitors.


Located in Leander, this dog park features on- and off-leash areas, a membership requirement, and some super friendly dogs! The park is equipped with a bar and a game room, where people can socialize and drink while their dogs run around. The off-lease section of the park requires a membership or day entry pass, which must be paid for.

leaner 2

The Domain

The Domain is a huge shopping mall, featuring 100 shops—from retail stores to restaurants, from Banana Republic to Tiffany & Co. With its great location and amenities (free wifi, parking lots all around, outdoor mist), it’s a popular spot for Austinites to shop at.

domainImage courtesy of Wikimedia

You can bring your dog inside almost every store, though not restaurants, and there are water bowls located throughout the shopping mall. The Domain is so dog-friendly that they even have an annual fundraiser, called “Dogtober Fest,” for local rescue organizations!

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Metropolitan Park at Walnut Creek includes many features, like barbecue pits, basketball courts, off-leash dog areas, and playgrounds. The dog park is a one-acre area with separate areas for small and large dogs, with nearby parking and restrooms. Leashed dogs are allowed in the whole park, but off-leash dogs must stay in the designated area.

walnutImage courtesy of Mark Scott.

Metropolitan Park has a ton of criss-crossing trails, so you can come back multiple times and have a new experience each time! A creek runs through the park, and can be very shallow or very deep depending on place, time, and recent weather.

The Park also is home to many cyclists, so be careful while walking your dog! Many water bowls are located all throughout the park.

Red Bud Isle

This popular off-leash park for dogs includes picnic tables, multiple trails, and water on three sides. Because it’s just on Town Lake, there are canoers and kayakers always around. However, this does mean that parking can be difficult to get.

red bud isleImage courtesy of Lara.

Bring your dog, a small car, a towel, and some hiking clothes, and hit the town!

Emma Long Metropolitan Park

The Emma Long Metropolitan Park is the farthest away from downtown Austin, but is well worth it. The trail is about 3 miles long in total, and the park is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 7:00am to 10:00pm. Pets must be on-leash in all areas of this park, but it offers incredible views of Lake Austin. The water crossings and huge trees give the area a nice climate, and there are deep water areas all around for your dog to swim in.

emmaImage courtesy of Austin Texas Gov.

The dogs are friendly, the people are nice, and the trails are fun! Not to mention, it’s one of the most beautiful areas of Austin!